The keyword research tool for Etsy sellers

Good keywords can get your listing in front of the right customers, and our Etsy keyword research tool is here to help.


Keyword difficulty

Keyword research is all about finding keywords with low competition and high demand. We make it easy to find the right keywords, with data directly from Etsy.

  • See how much demand there is for a keyword
  • How many competing shops there are
  • Data directly from Etsy

Keyword suggestions

Need more keyword ideas? You’ll get numerous suggestions from our keyword tool. You’ll also see views, favorites, competition, and estimated sales for each keyword.

  • Discover new relevant keywords
  • Compare keyword metrics
  • Filter, export, and drilldown on the data quickly

Increased visibility

With this keyword research tool, you can find keywords with high demand and low competition. This way, you can make your products more visible on Etsy and get more sales.

  • Better search rankings
  • Increased visibility
  • More sales
The ultimate Etsy product research tool

SellerPer Chrome Extension gives you access to over 60 million Etsy listings to help you identify your next successful product.

Get key listing insights

Simply open the extension when browsing Etsy to and you'll be able to make informed decisions about which products to pursue.     

Validate your product ideas

Get the data points you need to discover potential best-selling products in untapped niches with less competition. Use this advantage to learn from the best selling items and make more informed decisions when improving or creating new listings.

Launch your product with confidence

Uncovering a winning product is just the beginning - our tools will help you take it to market faster and more effectively.

Etsy Seller

Product research made simple

Stop wasting time on products that won't sell. Let us help you find the perfect product to sell on Etsy.

  • Looking for product ideas?

    We'll show you high-demand, low-competition products in every category on Etsy. Use our smart filters to uncover unexpected inspiration based on your exact needs, niche, and preferences.

  • Find your next best-seller in minutes

    Search by categories, estimated sales, revenue, and more to reveal profitable opportunities.

  • Avoid wasting time on products that won't sell

    Stop guessing what might work and use our data-driven insights to focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities.

  • Launch your product with confidence

    Uncovering a winning product is just the beginning - our tools will help you take it to market faster and more effectively.


1500+ Etsy Seller

We'll show you exactly how top Etsy sellers do it.

Discover what makes any successful Etsy shop successful.

  • See sales, best-selling products and much more

    Shop Analyzer is the simplest and most effective way to research other successful shops, so you can learn from their successes (and failures).

  • Take your Etsy business to the next level

    This unique research tool will help you make more informed decisions, so you can start seeing the same success as the top sellers on Etsy!

  • Get detailed data on any Etsy shop you'd like

    Make more informed decisions about improving or creating your own shop or listings.


The easiest way to get more reviews on Etsy

We help you send personalized follow-up messages to each of your customers, so you can build better customer relationships and increase your sales.

  • Double your Etsy shop's review rate!
  • Drive repeat sales
  • Improve your SEO and conversion rate
Etsy listing optimization made easy

Listing Helper analyzes your listings and gives you actionable recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook.


Get your listing scores

Listing helper analyzes your title, photo, description, tags and key metrics to give your listings a quality score.


Improve your listings

Follow the actionable checklist with recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook to improve your listing score and rankings.


Increase rankings & sales

By following Etsy’s best pratices you can improve your listing’s ranking in Etsy search results, increase your visibility and sales.


Grow your Etsy shop with email marketing

From templates and reporting to automated emails, Email Sender has what you need to grow your business. Create email campaigns delivered to the right customers at the right time.